Ready, set, go!
Get a jump on the ball with a good ready position
How often do we see players standing with their rackets down around their knees, feet flat on the ground and their legs locked – looking as though they are waiting on a bus? This is a common mistake that beginners and intermediate players often make.

Trying to break the habit is something that requires constant attention. A good way to begin making the transformation from bus-stop tennis to a good, solid position is to start every point by bouncing on the balls of the feet. But make sure you are not bouncing at the time of impact; you want both feet on the ground at that point in order to be ready to attack.

Once your body starts moving, you will notice that your racket will begin to rise and your knees and legs will be in a better position for the oncoming ball.

Getting your body into the ready position is ideal for balance and explosion into the ball. The ready position means the racket is set around your waist area with the head of the racket above the height of your wrist.

Right-handed players should hold the racket butt close to their front right pocket with the racket head facing toward the left. Left-handed players should reverse this position.

Your weight should be slightly forward so your heels are not touching the ground. For this to happen your knees MUST be flexed and your upper body leaning just over your feet.

The ready position is a very important part of tennis and is often overlooked. Next time you play, notice whether you are playing bus-stop tennis or if you are in a good ready position.

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